NASHCO Statement on Inspector General Report on CO-OPs

Kelly Crowe, CEO of the National Alliance of State Health CO-OPs, made the following statement regarding the Office of Inspector General report on CO-OP performance:


“The Office of Inspector General report reveals little in the way of new information about CO-OPs, and unfortunately relies primarily on seven-month old data that does not reflect the most recent open enrollment period. Significantly, aggregate CO-OP enrollment more than doubled from 2014 to 2015, helping many CO-OPs move closer to their initial goals.


“CO-OPs do face well-documented challenges. Some, like access to capital, are unique to CO-OPs. While others are reflective of the issues all insurers face in rapidly changing health insurance marketplaces.


“While the return on investment for CO-OPs was never expected to be immediate, CO-OPs are already the health insurance innovators and entrepreneurs in their markets. With the courage to innovate also comes the risk of occasionally falling short of expectations. Though still in their infancy, CO-OPs will continue to work towards their mission of providing affordable and high quality health insurance to those who need it most.”