Innovations of the Month: Land of Lincoln Health (Illinois)

This post was originally included in the May 27, 2015 edition of News from NASHCO. To read the full newsletter, please click here.


Land of Lincoln Health was created with the dual mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective health plans to Illinoisans and disrupting a marketplace that had been dominated by a single player in Illinois for decades. The startup’s leaders knew that to do both, innovation would be a necessity.

So, they did what leaders at other successful CO-OPs have done. They listened. Soon, member feedback began to form a theme: consumers wanted access to high-quality providers, in convenient locations, at lower rates.

With Illinois’ collection of renowned providers, the group didn’t have to look far. LLH formed partnerships with a number of prestigious hospitals and health systems to create eight “Preferred Partner”lol innovations plans. By choosing a plan supported by one of the partner health systems, members would gain access to a range of world-class providers affiliated with that system. They would also save money.

Preferred Partner plans would still offer in-network benefits for LLH’s broad network of providers. Members would simply see even bigger savings by visiting providers within their selected partner’s system.


As LLH President Jason Montrie recently explained to The New York Times, these plans are the antidote to the narrow network plans being offered by many insurers that limit members’ ability to see the doctor of their choice. With Preferred Partner plans, LLH is working hand-in-hand with leading area health systems to provide plans that are tailored to members and offer the benefits they want and need.

Today, both the company and Illinois consumers are seeing the benefits.

In March, LLH officials announced the organization had enrolled more than 50,000 members in just its second year. That number not only exceeded the 2015 membership goal, but did so eight months earlier than expected. LLH captured more than 25 percent of new enrollees in the Illinois market during the last Open Enrollment period, while maintaining a retention rate among existing members higher than 80 percent.

LLH is dedicated to working collaboratively with the provider community across the state to bring the highest quality of health care to all Illinoisans, and hopes continue building its portfolio of innovative Preferred Partner plans. Through this process, LLH and its partners are truly paving the way toward a better health care delivery system in Illinois.